P-AF '60

   Huge, fat, harmonically plush and complex with clean, atmospheric  and a discernible abundance of texture.

Offering many tones with each knob position the P-AF ‘60 is a real take no prisoners , meat and potatoes pickup that does it all without flaw and untouched brawn.




 Made with era consistent hardware and materials, (Butyrate Bobbins, Plain Enamel etc.)  The P-AF 60 is a faithful nod to yesteryear and brings that vintage vibe to your 6 String Bestie. 

 Using an Alnico 5 magnet, the resulting tone delivers

crystal clarity, pristine note separation and a full bottom Sure to bring out the mojo in any guitar!  A perfect translator for the music inside your head.


  As standard, the P-AF '60 is un-potted, but if you require noiseless operation, wax potting can be done at no charge.

 Available with raw nickel, Nickel and Gold covers OR without covers in Black, Zebra of Reverse Zebra bobbin combinations.


Magnet- Alnico 5


Bridge- 7.8k

Neck- 7.6k

M T        B M T



 This is a simple, NO HYPE, vintage styled humbucker.