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Current LEAD TIME 2-3 weeks


  For the duration of the international border closure, all orders will be shipped from our canadian location in windsor,ontario.


-once in possession of the postal service they are sent to international sort facilities in either toronto or montreal where they are processed for international travel. during the covid 19 pandemic, everything received by the postal service will sit untouched for up to 3 days due to covid 19 safety protocol. this is completely normal. 


    ** once your order is with the postal service, it is out of our control**  


 - If you have requested delivery by ups, be advised that estimated or expected delivery dates are not guaranteed.  therefore, once your order is in their possession, it is out of our control.  

- we do everything within our ability to resolve any unreasonable delays and we take pride in the fact that pariah follows through with our promises. your patience in these unprecedented times is greatly appreciated.  

 -if your order is experiencing an unreasonable delay due to a postal or courier service, know that we are also following your order to determine any course of action and will gladly work with you to ensure the best possible outcome. 


- As a result of the "new normal" of postal and courier delays, we will only consider shipping a replacement if the item is lost or has been in transit with no updates for a period longer than 8 weeks.   no refund will be offered.  we will ALWAys work with you!

 these terms are subject to change based on the ongoing problems caused by the covid 19 pandemic. 



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