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About Pariah

Pariah Pickups is an artisan guitar pickup manufacturer located in the Detroit/Windsor Area.


We specialize in handwound pickups using quality parts and materials and strive to make each pickup to the best of our ability. 


Like you, we are tone chasers.  That means we are constantly experimenting with new ideas and techniques to bring something new to the shop floor.

You can say we are  creators who use the inner coil winding(s) as our canvas for expression.  

We are passionate about creating and want to create for passionate players like you.

**PLEASE NOTE that for the duration of the international border closure due to covid 19, all merchandise will ship from the canadian location. this will increase shipping time.  

during this time, all international orders will be shipped international express to reduce delivery times at no extra cost to the customer.  

operations will resume in the detroit area once the border closure has been resolved.


 your patience is much appreciated during this time. 

Thank you



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