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  Known for his spine crushing riffs and tasteful rapid fire lead work, Jason Hook sits among the upper echelon of metal guitarists/songwriters of the metal genre.  
  With a reputation for punishing guitar tones live and in studio, it is not surprising that Jason chose the Pariah “Warface” as the basis for a signature pickup.  Over a period of about 3 years, Jason requested few minor adjustments be made to better fit his aggressive playing style.  Hence, “The Warfare” was born.  
    The Jason Hook Warfare (JH-WF) Signature Humbucker is a flame throwing onslaught of concussive bottom end, concentrated attack and Military grade midrange combined with a sweet and dynamic top end.  Bolstered by balanced note separation and ample clarity, the JH-WF yields a harmonically rich character  resulting in a more open and transparent quality when chording.   
  When used for clean applications,  tones are euphonically warm, smooth and articulate .  
   Each numbered Warfare pickup has been meticulously hand aged to replicate Jason’s own Warfare pickups. Complete with rust, grime, wear and tear along with Jason’s bobbin logo preferences.  Available in Black and Reverse Zebra.  4 Conductor wire and vacuum wax potted for quiet performance.
Limited Run of 100!
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DCR: 15.6K

Magnet: Alnico 5
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