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Hellloooo Baby!


       Introducing a new addition to the  Pariah Pasadena Series.  Keeping in line with it’s predecessors, the “1986” humbucker is designed to celebrate it’s namesake “vintage”.


    Sharing much of the same DNA as others in the lineup, the PS-86 offers a 

 “power up” from it’s PS siblings without sacrificing character or definition. It’s special winding pattern, combined with a strong Alnico 5 magnet means that diming your guitar’s volume will give a full bodied rock  crunch.  Dialing it back will present a soft and gritty tone with a touch of snap.  (The best of both worlds!)


  A versatile  humbucker in a variety of guitar wood types, the “1986” is exceptional in Ash or Basswood.  


 Whether you’re playing straight through a Plexi or piling on your favorite modulation (s) the PS-86 will put more bounce to your jump kick!   



Magnet: Alnico 5




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