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'79 Las Lunas


After extensive research the '79 Las Lunas is finally here!


Replica Enthusiasts need not look any further for a more complete and accurate version of a vintage pickup that has grown extremely ELUSIVE in the replica building community.  

 Specifications for the '79 Las Lunas were derived directly from a REAL vintage Single Coil made in the same factory as the ones many look for. 


 Each detail was painstakingly measured and the result is an incredible likeness.   Both in appearance and tone.


The '79 Las Lunas is available in two versions.  Functional and Non-Functional.  If you are 100% into accuracy, the NON Functional pickup in the neck position is what you're after.  


 If you want to add a little more versatility to your replica, this makes a fantastic tone mate to both our Pasadena Series: "White" and "Black"  




'79 Las Lunas

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