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 What kind of pickup winders would we be if we failed to include a set dedicated to the tone that made Rock and Roll?  That tone that oozes from a Les Paul plugged into a Marshall Plexi amp? You know this tone.. 

 So, after months of research and LOTS of trial and error, the time has come to  introduce our take on one of the GREATEST tones to pioneer the genre of Rock and Roll. 


 Many MANY hours have gone into perfecting what we feel to be (THAT TONE). In wanting to ensure that it was just right, we even made a last minute simple tweak at the Eleventh Hour! 

  This set is comprised of Swagger and Mystique along with quality materials and components all brought together by true craftsmanship of love and respect for what we do. 

  Each set is wound with strict compliance to specifications and perfectly calibrated. 



Bridge - 8.2k  UNOriented A5

Neck - 7.7k    UNOriented A5

Celebration Set

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