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If you need more metal in your diet, Bite down on this! Introducing the Pariah Distortia!
From the very beginning we knew that wanted to offer our very own “distortion” pickup and after MANY different “recipes” (I assure you, it’s not a Craft Beer) we’ve finally decided on THE one. One that works well with both standard-Drop tunings. 
The Distortia is a respectful nod to classic Distortion pickups, with a handful of Pariah “S’azzle”

Matching hot wound coils resting on a custom oversized ceramic magnet, make for a full sounding, powerhouse of “‘Nad battering” rock and metal grind.

Whether you’re looking for tight heavy rhythm or lead tones with searing harmonics, the Distortia has got you covered ! 
To put it simply, the Distortia is a High Output leviathan !!!

Custom Ceramic


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