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Complete your replica with the replica builder's favorite "THE FRANKENSET"!  The Pasadena Series: Black and  '79 Las Lunas are exactly what you need to put your replica above the average!  


 The Frankenset has been the "Go to" for MANY replica builders for years and there is a reason for that.  It is the best replica set on the market today,  Vintage tones, quality workmanship and impeccable attention to detail to the tone and aging. 


  You've put all that hard work into making your replica the best it can be, make it sound as good as it looks with the most accurate and authentic looking replica set available!  


 This set is assmebled with the standard specifications needed to fit a proper accurate replica guitar bodies with accurate pickup cavity depth. ( Please check with guitar body manufacturer for cavity depths prior to purchase)  This set is for the serious replica builder!


   Set Build Specifictations:


Pasadena Series: Black Humbucker - HEAVILY aged Vintage Butyrate BLACK bobbins

                                                                          - Aged Nickel/Silver LONG LEG Baseplate

                                                                          -Vintage  PAF 49.2mm Spacing (No Trem spacing)

                                                                          - Aged Vintage Braid Connector Wire.


'79 Las Lunas Single Coil "Dummy" Pickup-Vintage correct color and materials

                                                                                       - Light aging to match the original

                                                                                       - NON Functional (Like the original)





When purchased as a set, the above are the only options available.  If you require specific options such as different colors, Trem spacing/short legs, Functional Single Coil etc. You can purchase your pickup with the options you need by using the standard ordering procedure.  Check The Pasadana Series tab as well the Single Coils tab to find what you're looking for!















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