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After spending a long while on our “Secret Menu” the time has come for the 

 “Poundcake Set” to take it’s rightful place in our Modern Humbucker line up.  


 Fueled by inspiration of the early 1990’s  rock, The Poundcake Set is a luxurious cascade of tonal versatility. 


  The Poundcake bridge humbucker delivers a  refined presentation with nice cut and clarity that make for an exemplary balance of silk and slam!    Smooth leads, punchy rhythms and plenty of “wail”.  


  Riding shotgun to the Poundcake Bridge, the Poundcake Neck pickup is in ample supply of buttery tones attributed to it’s Clarinet like timbre.


  Available in 4 Conductor connector wire.


 Vacuum wax potted .


NOTE: **prices shown are for individual pickups​.  


Magnet ; Alnico 5

Bridge : 18.1k

Neck: 15.2k



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