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The Mighty


A 1-2 punch of of clarity and overwound brawn,  The Mighty is a balls out, muscle bound PAF Style humbucker that brings all of the character of a classic PAF with a little more of a “woody” presence that keeps the highs rich and lows punchy thus resulting in affluent note definition.  

  Perfect for dirty amp settings, The Mighty is a true rock and roll pickup with the ability to take on much more saturated tones if needed.  

Played through a clean amp setting,,The Mighty brings all the chime and glass to contribute to a very musical tone.  

  Splitting coils gets you a sparkling  tone that is quite convincing as a single coil tone.  


The Neck version has a sweet bell-like quality with just the right amount of “cream” for nice smooth bluesy solos or velvety shred legato runs. 


  Available on both Vintage Braid and 4-C hookup wire 


Bridge : 9.83k

Neck 7.8k

Alnico 5

The Honeymaker

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