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The RuX Set



      Inspired by elements of The Psychedelic Era,  The assertive bridge pickup bestows a shimmering lead tone sure enough to evoke the coolest “guitar faces” in your repertoire. 

  Jazzy chords, Bluesy licks and whatever you put in between them are on full display when in the neck position. Warm and thick without masking the true sound of your instrument.  

  Sticking to the vintage “mandate” the RuX set is wound with the same direction and polarity to achieve the glorious “Quack” in the 2,4 positions.   (RWRP is available upon request)

   Further bolstering our desire to encapsulate era specific tones, the RuX comes assembled with reverse staggered Alnico 5 magnets for a more authentic representation

The RuX Set

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