Single coils



Introducing our first OFFICIAL Strat single coil set! 


 The RuX set is the culmination of many hours of design,  experimentation and  searching for the exact components needed to carry out the intended vision.  A true labor of (bold) love is what led to the RuX being chosen as the first single coil set to be offered by Pariah. 

  Inspired by elements of The Psychedelic Era,  The assertive bridge pickup bestows a shimmering lead tone sure enough to evoke the coolest “guitar faces” in your repertoire. 

  Jazzy chords, Bluesy licks and whatever you put in between them are on full display when in the neck position. Warm and thick without masking the true sound of your instrument.  

  Sticking to the vintage “mandate” the RuX set is wound with the same direction and polarity to achieve the glorious “Quack” in the 2,4 positions.   (RWRP is available upon request)



 Further bolstering our desire to encapsulate era specific tones, the RuX comes assembled with reverse staggered Alnico 5 magnets for a more authentic representation of what we set out to achieve.  (the icing on the cake)


Bridge         MIddle         Neck    




'79 Las Lunas

After extensive research the '79 Las Lunas is finally here!


Replica Enthusiasts need not look any further for a more complete and accurate version of a vintage pickup that has grown extremely ELUSIVE in the replica building community.  

 Specifications for the '79 Las Lunas were derived directly from a REAL vintage Single Coil made in the same factory as the ones many look for. 


 Each detail was painstakingly measured and the result is an incredible likeness.   Both in appearance and tone.


The '79 Las Lunas is available in two versions.  Functional and Non-Functional.  If you are 100% into accuracy, the NON Functional pickup in the neck position is what you're after.  


 If you want to add a little more versatility to your replica, this makes a fantastic tone mate to both our Pasadena Series: "White" and "Black" 




*Pricing is for both Functional and Non-Functional (Replica Only)

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